dr. Joanna Krokos

Sole Dental Practice

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I welcome patients of all ages whether they have positive memories of previous dental treatment or feel quite apprehensive about their visit. My goal is to meet your expectations in a comfortable environment, using high-end materials and state of the art equipment.

Patients reviews

  • I had an appointment with Joanna once and I will make many more ;) She has a professional approach, nice smile and I recommend her with all my heart! ;)

    - iza.padiasek

  • A wonderful dentist with a great approach to children. Our entire family has been treated here for some time and we are very satisfied. The prices are fair and there are never any problems making an appointment for a convenient time in emergency situations

    - Hanna

  • Ms. Krokos is a professional. She thoroughly explains every treatment phase and is equally thorough when providing the treatment. She is also friendly and smiles a lot.

    - Kamil

  • The appointment was pleasant and professional :-) The doctor clearly explains what is going on with your teeth. There was no problem making an appointment. She is very gentle.

    - bp

  • A very nice, patient and competent dentist, affordable prices and a very friendly atmosphere at the doctor’s office. Additionally, Joanna does everything possible to ensure that her clients leave happy, making sure patients are satisfied with the outcome.

    - Sandra

  • I definitely recommend this doctor to anybody. In particular, to people who are as afraid of the dentist as I am ;) seeing her for the first time at the door made me feel a little less scared when getting onto the dentist’s chair, so you have no other option really but to make an appointment with Joanna. I recommend her!!!

    - Szymon Klatt